Wichi Territory

“Ohäpehen honhat lhawo. We are the flower of the earth”. The Wichi not only feel that they belong to the land, but also is the great provider, giving in abundance. Hunting and gathering people, they live in the Gran Chaco, an extensive region in northern Argentina crossed by the Pilcomayo and Bermejo Rivers. Its waters […]

Pilcomayo fishermen

The Chorote people are settled in several communities in the border with Paraguay and Bolivia, in the Argentine province of Salta. According to the Chorotes, the Chaco bush is home to different supernatural entities that protect, regulate and take care for the flora, fauna and rivers. Chorotes traditionally dedicated themselves to hunting, gathering, fishing and […]

Virgen de Almudena

Festivity of great importance from the time of the Colony to the present in Cusco, Peru. Its celebration takes place on September and the main date of the celebration the virgin is carried on her shoulders in a procession through the historic center of Cusco, accompanied by the large crowd and the different dance troupes.


The impact of the quarantine on a popular neighborhood Since the beginning of the pandemic, the most neglected sectors were affected. The informal economy stopped and had to reinvent itself. Unemployment increased and education became a challenge: in places where the internet does not reach, teachers gave homework and exercises so that students can continue […]

“Grandparents’ home”

In Puerta de Hierro, Province of Buenos Aires, Father “Tano” works day by day to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable and marginalized sectors. Fighting addiction to cocaine base paste (paco) takes time and commitment. One of the devices created by Father Tano is the “Grandparents´ home“. There, volunteers work daily to care […]

Valley weaver

“El Colte” is located between the towns of Cachi and Seclantas, in the Argentine province of Salta. It is also known as the “Way of the Craftsmen“. By the roadside, Noemi Pastrana works skeins. Farmer and shepherdess, she discovered the beauty of wool by shearing sheep. Noemi´s curiosity led her to learn the craft of […]

Broome Turf Club

There is turf in Broome and seems to be a different day. It is possible to perceive it in the atmosphere surrounding each race. The days at the turf club located in Gantheaume Point are special and can be seen in the fancy dresses and hats worn by women. In addition to the bets, the […]

Kusilla kusilla Pachamama

The Pachamama Offering Ceremonies are held during the month of August. It is one of the most important rituals in the Andean world. During the first morning of August, Cachi dawns under a dense cloud of incense. With the intention of cleaning and curing their homes, families begin to smoke their homes early asking for […]

The soul of India

A super populated country, with cultural and ethnic diversity, millenary traditions and the soul reflected in its inhabitants. India is a country that goes deep and leaves a mark on its visitors. After two trips around the country, the desire to return , is always latent.