Valley weaver

El Colte” is located between the towns of Cachi and Seclantas, in the Argentine province of Salta. It is also known as the “Way of the Craftsmen“.

By the roadside, Noemi Pastrana works skeins. Farmer and shepherdess, she discovered the beauty of wool by shearing sheep.

Noemi´s curiosity led her to learn the craft of spinning and weaving, implementing her techniques, dyeing, warping, design and weaving. “All with love“, says Naomi as she drains the skein.

Dyeing requires time, patience, and many tests. Noemi boils water in pots and adds dyes. Afterwards, she dips the skeins until she achieves the color she wants for her fabrics.

In these rural stalls and family houses of the Calchaquí Valley, tradition is preserved.