Wichi Territory

“Ohäpehen honhat lhawo. We are the flower of the earth”. The Wichi people not only have a deep spiritual connection to their ancestral lands but also regard it as their benevolent provider, bestowing abundance upon them. Living as a hunting and gathering society, the Wichi call the vast Gran Chaco region in northern Argentina their […]

The soul of India

A land of captivating diversity, boasts an extraordinary tapestry of cultures and ethnicities that have flourished over millennia. Within its borders, one can witness traditions steeped in history and a profound connection to the very soul of its inhabitants. India is a nation that delves deep into the hearts of those who explore its wonders, […]

The mountain town

Nestled amidst the ancient Anatolian and Zagros mountain ranges, between the legendary Tigris and Euphrates rivers, exists the Kurdish people—an ethnically rich community that remains the most significant minority in the East without a sovereign state of its own. In the aftermath of the First World War, as Western powers redrew the maps of the […]