Since childhood, the Middle East awakened an immense curiosity in me. First, from literature and film. Novels, stories, history and travel logs made me plunge into distant lands. Later, photography. The obvious need to be a witness and capture realities, to be involved in the everyday, always stopping in the human factor. Middle East is […]

Refugee crisis

During 2016, the world witnessed the dramatic increase in mass displacement caused by wars and armed conflicts, reaching unprecedented levels in history. Families from different countries leave their homes in search of peace and better living conditions. The road is hard and tragic. Life in the new countries is not easy either: lack of employment, […]


“The village of the mountains” Between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, on the heights of the Anatolian and the Zagros mountains, lies the Kurdish people, the most important ethnic minority in the East without its own state. This was my first contact with the Kurdish people, who from their history and their constant hospitality inspire […]