Valley weaver

“El Colte” is located between the towns of Cachi and Seclantas, in the Argentine province of Salta. It is also known as the “Way of the Craftsmen“. Along the roadside, you’ll find Noemi Pastrana, a dedicated farmer and shepherdess, skillfully working skeins of wool. Noemi’s journey into the world of wool began with her work […]

Kusilla kusilla Pachamama

Pachamama offering ceremonies take place throughout the month of August and hold a significant place in Andean culture. As the first rays of August’s sun grace Cachi, a veil of fragrant incense envelops the town. Families awaken early, fumigating their homes as an act of purification and healing. They do so with the intention of […]


La Señalada is the most important livestock ritual in the Andes and gives meaning to life as part of the productive cycle. Through this ritual, pastors ask for protection and abundance. In the highest mountain range of los Andes in Cachi, the Tolaba family still preserve their ranch, cattle and traditions. After eight hours ascending […]