Wichi Territory

“Ohäpehen honhat lhawo. We are the flower of the earth”. The Wichi people not only have a deep spiritual connection to their ancestral lands but also regard it as their benevolent provider, bestowing abundance upon them. Living as a hunting and gathering society, the Wichi call the vast Gran Chaco region in northern Argentina their […]

Pilcomayo fishermen

The Chorote people have established their communities along the borders of Paraguay and Bolivia, within the Argentine province of Salta. According to the Chorotes, the Chaco forest is not only a physical landscape but also a realm inhabited by diverse supernatural entities that oversee, protect, and care for the region’s flora, fauna, and waterways. Traditionally, […]

Grandparents’ home

In Puerta de Hierro, within the Province of Buenos Aires, Father “Tano” dedicates himself tirelessly to improving the living conditions of the most vulnerable and marginalized communities. The battle against addiction to “paco,” a low-quality cocaine derivative, is an ongoing struggle that demands time and unwavering commitment. One of the initiatives pioneered by Father Tano […]

Valley weaver

“El Colte” is located between the towns of Cachi and Seclantas, in the Argentine province of Salta. It is also known as the “Way of the Craftsmen“. Along the roadside, you’ll find Noemi Pastrana, a dedicated farmer and shepherdess, skillfully working skeins of wool. Noemi’s journey into the world of wool began with her work […]

Paco: After the darkness

The havoc wrought by Cocaine Base Paste Addiction: A growing public health concern Cocaine base paste (“Paco“) addiction presents a growing public health problem, characterized by its high incidence, resistance to treatment, and the disturbing trend of consumption at increasingly young ages. The use of ‘paco’ is often a means to alleviate pain, fill emotional […]

Kusilla kusilla Pachamama

Pachamama offering ceremonies take place throughout the month of August and hold a significant place in Andean culture. As the first rays of August’s sun grace Cachi, a veil of fragrant incense envelops the town. Families awaken early, fumigating their homes as an act of purification and healing. They do so with the intention of […]


La Señalada is the most important livestock ritual in the Andes and gives meaning to life as part of the productive cycle. Through this ritual, pastors ask for protection and abundance. In the highest mountain range of los Andes in Cachi, the Tolaba family still preserve their ranch, cattle and traditions. After eight hours ascending […]

Andean Condor Conservation Project

Thanks to the dedicated work of the Andean Condor Conservation Project, hundreds of the world’s largest flying birds have been successfully reintroduced to their natural habitats after receiving assistance and care. This project consistently underscores the importance of its two pillars, or two wings: the scientific and the spiritual. The Condor, being a scavenger, faces […]