In the highest mountain range of los Andes in Cachi, the Tolaba family still preserve their ranch, cattle and traditions. After eight hours ascending through the mountains, with donkeys transporting provisions, we arrived at the house of Don Justo and Doña Mercedes, with the imposing snowfalls as provincial witnesses of a way of life that […]

Andean Condor Conservation Project

Thanks to the work and effort of the Andean Condor Conservation Project, hundreds of the world’s largest flying bird were reinserted into their respective habitats, after being assisted and cured. The project always emphasizes the importance of its two wings: scientific and spiritual. The condor is a scavenger and due to its diet, toxic baits […]

Refugee crisis

During 2016, the world witnessed the dramatic increase in mass displacement caused by wars and armed conflicts, reaching unprecedented levels in history. Families from different countries leave their homes in search of peace and better living conditions. The road is hard and tragic. Life in the new countries is not easy either: lack of employment, […]