Martin Liendro, master of the loom

In the tranquility of Cachi, in the Calchaquí Valleys, Martín Liendro turns into tissues the culture and magic of the landscapes that surround him.

Born in Luracatao, province of Salta, Martin, with a slow voice, says that the loom is his passion, he learned alone, watching with infinite patience to know the whole process: from woolen fleece, spinning, washing and dyeing , to the fabric.

As a boy, Martin dreamed of defending Argentina, being in the Malvinas war. Today he defends our culture with his exquisite fabric and his desire is to set up a cooperative in his home town so that he does not miss his trade.

“I’m humble, I grew up in need and that’s why I value everyone’s work.I can not be selfish.I want to share everything I learned,” says Martin, among his ponchos, blankets and aguayos.

The master of the loom wants to share his art, leave a legacy and the benefit is for everyone.

The Project on Martin Liendro and the loom, arose with the purpose of spreading the knowledge of the local textile artisan and to revalue the office.

Cachi, Salta, Argentina.