Memories from the land of the rising sun

Visiting Japan had always been a dream of mine, one that I fulfilled as a photographer, with curiosity and intensity. When the opportunity finally arose, my heart swelled with excitement.

My journey took me through a variety of destinations, from the modern and bustling cities of Tokyo and Osaka, where urban life seamlessly merges with technology and innovation, to the charming and traditional Kyoto, with its ancient temples. I also explored the historic cities of Nara, with its friendly deer, Kobe, known for its exquisite beef, and Himeji, home to a majestic white castle that stands with grace.

What struck me most during my trip to Japan was the genuine hospitality of its people. In every encounter, I was welcomed with warmth and courtesy that made me feel appreciated and at home. The Japanese have an innate ability to make visitors feel like family, and this left a lasting impression on me.

Ancient traditions and Japanese culture are as rich as they are diverse. From the meticulous tea ceremony to vibrant festivals and exquisite craftsmanship, Japan is a country where the past and present harmoniously intertwine.

Fulfilling my dream of visiting Japan was a journey of self-discovery and an appreciation of a culture that is truly unique and special. The images I captured bear witness to the beauty and diversity of Japan, as well as the depth of its people and traditions.

My journey to Japan will always be a standout chapter in my life as a photographer and as a traveler, and I eagerly await the day when I can return and immerse myself once more in the land of the Rising Sun.

© Nicolás Preci